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THE Hadden Brothers Band:

Consists of Joshua (17), Elijah (16) and Noah (12) from Perry, OH. The brothers' band plays classic hits from the Beatles to attempt to keep their legacy alive. The band provides their own take on the songs and incorporates modern styles of rock to keep even casual listeners of the classic band intrigued with what we do.

Web site:

Kevin Conaway.JPG

Kevin Conaway:

Blending influences ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Oasis to Porcupine Tree, Cleveland-area singer/songwriter Kevin Conaway combines intelligent lyrics, strong melodies, and infectious hooks to craft songs that are bound to be stuck in your head long after hearing them. As a solo performer, Kevin exudes passion on stage and creates a full, dynamic sound using a looper, various effects pedals,

harmonicas, and any other toys he can get his hands or feet on.






Spotify: here

Sean Benjamin:

The crooning acoustic songwriter with funky riffs and beats has performed across the United States, England, Scotland and Ireland playing songs about girls, some of them have happier endings than others. He’s been featured on SiriusXM and has opened for acts such as Howie Day, Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls and Mickey Avalon and has just released his new single “Elaborate” on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and wherever you stream music. 





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Guy Snowdon:

Guy Snowdon is a recording artist, bassist, songwriter and performer. In 2016, he relocated from the "Second City" of England, Birmingham to the rock capital of the US - Cleveland, Ohio.

Guy's original music draws from his many inspirations like Queen, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. But it is his voice that will hit you first and has been compared to famous front men like Whitesnake's David Coverdale, Soundgarden's Chris Cornell or Free's Paul Rodgers.


Static Discharge:

The band consists of four 15 year old boys: Wyatt-guitar, Bryant-bass, Devin-vocals & guitar, and Isaiah-drums. They have been playing together for almost 2 years and have done a few small town festivals and talent shows. As of now they are focusing on covering songs in the rock genre and are working on some originals.

Their Instagram is static_discharge_official.


Fist Picture Morf.jpg


DAMN DECENT FELLOWS are earthlings from parts unknown, who have joined forces as a mighty power trio. Their original music stylings are electric and eclectic. Joshua Strauss, Renner Stevens, and p.a.Trick perform hard-hitting songs tinged with elements a funk, hard rock, blues, reggae and more. The fellas bring energy, passion, grit, and uncompromising integrity.







StringBreaker & The StuffBreakers:

Music has the ability to transform everyday life and raise the listener minds. It is with that premise that StringBreaker & The StuffBreakers seek to connect the infinite possibilities of instrumental music to the people universe,  that being possible through the musical skills of the band members Guilherme Spilack (guitar/ musical production), Sérgio Ciccone (drums) and Dilson Siud (bass).         
Founded in 2014, under the creative range of the guitar player and musical producer Guilherme Spilak, it is on the latent effervescence of the blues combined with the freedom of the 70´s Rock and Roll that the musicians firm the band´s striking characteristics: unexpected compositions, out of common sense arrangements and sound quality. Such adjectives put them as a reference of the style in Brazil and highlight both authorial and instrumental music.



Beasts WIthout Biomes:

Cleveland band playing together 18 years, individual members 25 + years each. Two releases on iTunes.,


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